Messtival 2023

Music & Family Festival / Free Entrance
Gemengenatelier – 53, rue Jean-Pierre Hilger L-4980 Reckange-sur-Mess

Entrée gratuite! – Free Entry!

Festival de musique pour toute la famille, présenté par l’Administration Communale de Reckange-sur-Mess et l’a.s.b.l. KultuReck Reckange-sur-Mess en collaboration avec le Rappeur Reckangeois Maz, qui signe de son nom le contenu de ce festival!

Le festival porte tout haut les couleurs de la diversité, de l’inclusion, de partage et de développement durable. Il propose non seulement des artistes à fort message social mais aussi des stands d’informations et de workshops à caractère progressif et progressiste.

Time Table:

00.30 – Hunneg-Strëpp
23.00 – MAZ
21.45 – De Läb
20.30 – Tuys
19.30 – Them Lights
18.30 – The X
18.00 – Zaza
17.30 – Momma Merlin
16.50 – Anto352 & Don Cee
16.30 – Luca Huberty


It took a while for Maz’ beautiful, yet gory poetry notes to escape his bedroom drawer; for the pride flag to appear between metal posters. Today, he puts his thoughts into an explosion of emo-rap with references to punk and metal music. He mixes skillfull rap with distorted screams and melodic hooks; creating a dark, yet hopeful form of expression. As Maz enters the stage, he ties audiences up into the limb of a giant marionette. A powerful collective beast that puts up a fight against social injustices and inspires one to accept their own darkness just as much as their light. This captivating live energy seems to have escaped from secrecy, earning him slots at iconic festivals such as Sziget or ESNS and the award for the best live performance at the Luxembourg Music Awards in 2022.

De Läb is a well-known player in our Luxembourg music landscape. They’ve been shaking up our country since their first appearance in 2007, from the smallest pub to the biggest stage. They master their craft and skillfully embody the « new school », with yesterday’s attitude. Their music not only conveys good mood, but also plenty of deeper messages to think about, decorated with a nice touch of irony. They’re a real live force, grabbing the audience and forcing the party upon it.

Between energetic live shows and cinematic videos, TUYS craft
an exuberant mix of artistic sophistication and pop hooks. The band was founded in 2007 by three primary school friends and continues to be their life project with a new base in Berlin. They create driving art rock and emotive psych pop music with chiming guitars, synths, and wide-ranging vocals. Their music is accompanied by visual storytelling that explores metafiction and aesthetic satire.

Them Lights is a dark tunnel of 80s reminiscence flashes and modern electronica. Multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter Sacha Hanlet correlates in a wide range of genres from pulsating electronica, dark pop to soulful R’n’B. Having toured the world as the drummer of the math-rock band Mutiny On The Bounty for almost two decades, it wasn’t until 2017 that he started to produce his very own sounds and explore his eternal love for arpeggios, 80’s synthesizers and groove.

Hunneg-Strëpp breaks the old-fashioned image of brass bands only playing traditional arrangements. This brass band loves to surprise its audience with covers of unexpected titles: Hip-Hop and Rock are as honored as pop and hits from the 90’s. There are no limits and only one objective: to make the public dance and to refresh the brass bands’ reputation!

The X is a Luxembourg based Electro-pop duo founded in 2021 by Sarah Kertz (Keys, Vocals) and Yannick Stein (Guitar, Vocals). Inspired by the 80’s, the modulated guitars, dreamy vocals, deep beats, sombre melodies and abstract soundscapes will take you to a unique universe: bittersweet, futuristic and nostalgic …

Zaza is a newcomer to the Luxembourg rap scene. She started writing lyrics and freestyling for fun when she was 15. Fascinated about hip-hop and rap, she started recording her own songs 5 years later. After a lot of experimental sessions, she officially launched her project in 2023. She manages her emotions and experiences through her music. Prepare for raw thoughts transformed into words and melodies.

Newcomer Momma Merlin is a mostly german Rapper and Songwriter, a Funkychild born and based in Luxembourg. She tries to express her feelings and her love for language through bass and bars.

Anto352 is a French rapper from Luxembourg and member of the multilinguistic group Pachamama Family.

Don Cee is a Belgian-American rapper living in Luxembourg and active since 2018. He is the founder of the Hip Hop group ‘Pachamama Family’ and raps in english and french.

Just like last year, Messtival will be opened by a young artist from Reckange! Please welcome Luca Huberty, a young aspiring pianist with mad skills on the keys!

24/04/2023 – Mise à jour Circulation

Profitez de la Navette Messtival gratuite, qui fera le tour de la commune et de toutes ses localités, tout au long de la journée jusque tard dans la nuit:

  • venez à pied ou en vélo (des stands de vélo seront disponibles à proximité du site du festival)
  • venez en bus : les lignes RGTR 210 et 332 vous déposeront devant les portes du festival (plus d’informations : mobilité
  • venez en train : la gare de Dippach/Reckange se trouve à 20 minutes à pied du festival (plus d’informations : mobilité
  • venez en Messbus: Pour 2€ par trajet, le Messbus viendra vous chercher là où vous le voudrez (sur le territoire de la Commune de Reckange-sur-Mess), quand vous le voulez et vous déposera aux portes du festival. Pensez à réserver votre voyage au 371238.
  • repartez en Late Night Bus: Exceptionnellement, ce service gratuit vous déposera à Luxembourg-Ville. (plus d’informations :
  • … et finalement, si la voiture s’avère indispensable, venez en voiture 🙂 Par beau temps – et seulement par beau temps – un parking gratuit sera mis à votre disposition à proximité de la Cité Brouch. Le chemin sera indiqué à l’approche du village, nous vous prions de bien prendre en compte les instructions de nos agents de sécurité et de suivre les déviations mises en place.
    ATTENTION: La centre du village de Reckange sera interdit à toute circulation, exception faite pour tous les transports publics, cycles, personnes à mobilité réduite et aux membres des équipes, artistes et exposants munis d’un laisser-passer.
    NOTE AUX PARENTS D’ELEVES: Soyez sereins, le transport scolaire du samedi matin ne sera pas impacté!

1. Band Merchandising
2. Band Merchandising
3. Autotune Booth by HHBEL-Hip Hop Based Education Luxembourg
4. LGBTIQ+ Rights, Defense & Promotion by Rosa Lëtzebuerg
5. “Overcoming Racism”-Workshop & Juice Bar by Lëtz Rise Up
6. Limited Messtival Merch, Art Workshops & Popcorn by Fondation Kräizbierg
7. Psychological & Emotional Support Activities & Chats & Tea by Réseau Psy – Psychesch Hëllef Dobaussen asbl
8. Vegan Chili Sin Carne, Sweets & Handmade Goods by ATP a.s.b.l. Eilenger Konschtwierk
9. Fries, Kniddelen & Youth Culture by Jugendhaus Reckeng & Maison Relais Reckange
10. 14.00 – 17.30: Art Workshops by Tipptopp Artbus
(don’t forget To register your kids)
18.00 – Late: Safer Party Promotion by Pipapo
11. Gin & Cocktail Bar by DOWNHILL&MTB CLUB Reckange/Mess
12. Grill by Fiederball Reckeng (Vegan Options available)
13. Beatmaking Studio by OTL ASBL

Presented by Administration Communale de Reckange-sur-Mess & KultuReck a.s.b.l.
Powered by Lemon Event Support, Eldoradio, Konektis Entertainment & Urban Attitude Unlimited
Avec le soutien financier du ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg


L'événement est terminé.


Mai 06 2023


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